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Llano Cemetery launches new app and website

Llano Cemetery App (Source: KFDA) Llano Cemetery App (Source: KFDA)
Llano Cemetery website (Source: KFDA) Llano Cemetery website (Source: KFDA)
Llano Cemetery (Source: KFDA) Llano Cemetery (Source: KFDA)

After noticing Llano's website was not cell phone user friendly, the cemetery decided to remodel the website in addition to creating an app.

The app will reach an array of visitors, giving them services other than just what is provided on the website.

The Llano Cemetery app will have maps of the property and grave sites.

It will also have the ability to show historic graves that date back to the 1880's.

"We are going to feature a lot of the cemetery's history," said Rhondelle Blankenship, Llano Cemetery Public Relations. "We like to think of the cemetery almost as a park. We want to invite the community to see the historic sites and learn about area legends. We also want to provide care to our clientele and make it easier to find their loved ones through the app and through our website."

At over 200 acres, Llano is one of the Texas Panhandle's largest nonprofit cemeteries, making it a challenge for seniors to tour the property. So, the app will also provide visuals and online tours.

In the future, there are plans to add street signs and directories to feature on the mobile app and online. 

"This will help other visitors to come out here that don't normally get to come out to go to our tours," said Blankenship. "It can be very difficult to go on our tours or hay rides for some individuals. We are really trying to make some outreach to different clientele that we can help serve."

The app will also have other features where you can view events, upcoming services and post photos.

"Some people think about the cemetery as just a place for death and it's not," said Blankenship. "People come here, and we get to care for them, and we get to care for their loved ones. We want people to share with us about their families and their loved ones."

So far, about a dozen people have downloaded the app, but the official launching will be this Memorial Day weekend.

For more information on how to access this app or services provided by Llano Cemetery, you can visit their website.

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