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Downtown parking garage opens for Amarillo graduations

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Parking shouldn't be a problem for those attending the 8 high school graduation ceremonies at the Amarillo Civic Center this weekend.

People will have 754 open parking spots in the new downtown parking garage where they can park for free right down the street from the Civic Center.

After breaking ground 13 months ago, the garage itself is ready to open to the public.

This weekend will be a soft opening since roads around the garage still need to be repaired.

"You're right next to the pedestrian crossing that takes you right to the Civic Center," said Jerry Danforth, Director of Utilities. "We think that's going to be extremely convenient. We wanted to provide that service [this weekend] so the public could get used to using the facility."

If you plan to park in the garage for graduation, you'll need to enter and exit on 7th Street between Pierce and Buchanan.

The garage is built to "Texas standards" to accommodate larger pickup trucks.

It has elevator and stair access to the lobby from each of the four floors, 14 handicap spots and 38 security cameras.

And when you leave graduation this weekend, you won't be stuck in the garage waiting in line forever to get out.

"It's designed to be able to unload in less than 30 minutes after an event," said Danforth.

Parking will be FREE this weekend, but later this summer when the garage officially opens, fees will start at $2 for two hours of parking and $7 to park all day long.

Retail space attached to the garage will be able to house anywhere from 3 to 14 businesses, depending on their sizes.

No word yet on who will be moving in.

City staff said many of those decisions won't be made until the MPEV has a more concrete future.

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