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Better access to Cross Bar Ranch gains local support

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

A hidden piece of land is closer to becoming more accessible to Panhandle residents.

Not many have heard about the Cross Bar Ranch, and only a few people have made the trip to visit and explore this unique piece of land.

The ranch is located about 15 miles North of Amarillo and is the only public piece of land in the state to be under the Bureau of Land Management (BML).

This 12,000 acre area offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities like hiking, hunting and horse back riding, but there is an obstacle on the way to this land.

"The problem with the property at this point is it has no public access because it is trapped by private lands," Potter County Commissioner Leon Church said.

To get to the Cross Bar, visitors must either travel through a muddy river bed or seek permission to go onto private land.

Church says BML is working with a private land owner to build a road from 287 to the Cross Bar.

"I think the draw would be really unique, and I think that's why the opportunities are so good for this project to go," Church said.

Officials have already marked over 21 miles of multi-use trails and marked and surveyed camp sites.

Church says he had the opportunity to travel out to the rare site and believes it would give Amarillo an economic boost.

"It would bring in a lot of people because they are not just advertising in Texas about this opportunity, but it would be throughout the country," Church said. "I think the benefits to Amarillo and Potter County would be just unbelievable in economic benefits."

BLM along with Potter County Commissioners hope road development will begin within the next two years.

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