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The Big Texan Starlight Ranch hopes to attract tourists

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The Big Texan Starlight Ranch is now open and gearing up for their summer concert series.

It features a zip line, a maze, "the big dig" and an outdoor concert venue. They will have live music Thursday through Sunday, with admission ranging anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars or more. The facility could also be used for weddings and parties. The Big Texan owners have plans in the works for a miniature golf course to be built in July that will feature, nothing less than a trip down Route 66.

Co-owner Bobby Lee said this is just the beginning of making Amarillo "the place" to visit in the Lone Star State.

"It has to do with the Texas mystique. The Big Texan Starlight Ranch presents the music, our cultures, our food and our lifestyles to the public going through here," said Lee. "Hopefully here at the Starlight Ranch we'll be able to provide that for them and  increase tourism for the entire area."

This is all a part of developing Amarillo's east side, which could feature new hotels as well as a ten court basketball/volleyball center to host regional tournaments. Lee said this will help keep tourism steady in Amarillo during the off-season.

"[It] will be great for the area because that's the time when tourism kind of drops off on the highway," said Lee. "This will increase that and give the city a big boost during those slower months of the year, which will benefit everybody."

He went on to say they are very optimistic in working with the new TIRZ No. 2 Board on that project, and they hope to break ground in the next 18 to 24 months.   

There is also plenty of employment opportunities for their summer concert series. To apply, email

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