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PHS seniors donate to storm victims

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While most students are getting ready for summer vacation, seniors at Panhandle High school are helping those in need.

Senior Carley Hale said if roles were reversed, other communities would do the same thing.

"We understand that this is something that can happen anywhere and we know if this happened here, other communities would be brought in and support us," said Hale.

The Panhandle seniors are headed to Oklahoma City tomorrow morning for their senior trip, but they're celebrating graduation a little differently. On their way, they'll be stopping in Elk City to drop off a monetary donation to those who fell victim to Tuesday's tornado. The storm caused major damage, dozens of injuries, and claimed the life of one person. Several homes and businesses suffered severe damage, leaving the community devastated.

That's why PHS seniors want to help. Technology applications teacher Helen Beck said these aren't your typical seniors.

"We hear a lot in society about how narcissistic our young people are, but I think this is just one small step that proves that our students are very selfless," said Beck. "They want to reach others, they want to help others and I think that says a lot about positives in our future."

Hale said they've learned it's important not to hesitate when it comes to helping others.

"At Panhandle, we're really taught to be selfless, and humility, and to be humble and to outreach those who are in need," said Hale. 

She also said she hopes this sets the stage for younger high school students.

"They will be able to put themselves aside and put others first." 

If you would like to make a contribution, you’re asked to stop by the Panhandle High School front office at 106 W 11th St in Panhandle, TX. For more information on how you can help, call (806) 537-3851.

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