Faith City Mission's Hope For Men program

Faith City Mission's Hope For Men program

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - When Jake Jensen was hurt in a car accident seven years ago, his recovery left him addicted to prescription pain killers. With his life spinning out of control he turned to Faith City Mission after hearing about Hope for Men from a friend.

"About the second month I really started to open up about my addiction with everybody," Jake Jensen said. "When I did that, through the classes at Faith City and the people it really has changed my life around completely."

The program is a one-year voluntary commitment. It starts with a black out period of thirty days, then they move to foundation, which is in house therapy and other faith based programs. Then they start rebuilding their lives.

"In re-builders you really get into the meat of the program," Jensen recalled. "You start the genesis process which is your addiction laid out and what lead you to your addiction."

After eight months they move into the transition process. This is when they start to look for a job, housing or go back to school.

"We give them an opportunity case managers say this is not hopeless this is not impossible," case manager Elliot Dupont said.  "Let's just take the first step and get your life back one thing at a time, one license at a time, one dental appointment at a time one court appointment at a time. We slowly gather those things back so by the time they graduate they have all the things a normal citizen would have and are ready to go."

Since Faith City Mission started tracking the success of the program, each year they have continued to grow and change Hope For Men to help more people overcome addiction.
"We have seen from the year 2013 all the way to current there has been a 10 percent increase in success," Director Raymond Gonzales said. "Right now for the fact that we project that about 31.8 or 32 percent coming in are graduating and our successful."

This program is free to all of the students -- for all twelve months they pay nothing. It is support from the community that helps the mission continue serving people.

"Everything we do for the student body male and female is based on the donations and the help of our community," Gonzales said. "It helps us with the funding part of that because we are not asking the student body for one year for any kind of fee and then in return is that they come back. Jake Jensen is a great example of that he comes back every time he is on the road he comes back to faith city and he gives back to the mission. That to me is priceless."

The last step of the Hope For Men program helps them find a job in the community. Many employers around Amarillo give these men and women a second chance like covenant transport did for Jake.

"Ever so grateful they gave me a shot at a career and a life," Jensen said. "I am ever so grateful."

The owner of MMM Plumbing believes everyone deserves a second chance and he has employed multiple people who have come out of the Hope For Men program.

"We all mess up," owner Dickie McCurdy said. "The majority of the people that Faith City Mission sends over, a lot of their problems were when they were young and made bad choices and with the way our system is today, once they get into that system of having a record and people telling them you are no good for nothing  they just slip away and then they are just lost to society."

This program is for anyone who needs help. Jake turned his life around because of Faith City Mission and he hopes if you are struggling you will commit to regaining control.

"Take the steps make the commitment come to Faith City give it a chance," Jensen said. "You have to want it but give it a chance, because they turned my life around."

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