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City of Paducah continues to monitor water

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A water leak in any community has a major effect on businesses, schools and residents, and although the Paducah water leak is already fixed, about a million gallons of water was lost.

The incident happened Tuesday morning causing the city to completely shut down all of the city's water supply.

City crews worked non stop to repair the leak and were able to bring back the water supply early Wednesday morning.

"You really don't realize how much you need your water until you don't have it anymore," Public Works Director Wade Keys said. "You can't wash your hands or use the bathroom a water outages affects everybody."

Keys say the leak happened simply because of the water line was too old and gave out.

Now this is not the first time in Paducah has had water issues. About this same time last year there was a major transmission break which caused the city to again place water restrictions.

Right now Key is working on a plan to install new water lines throughout the community but he says that type of project takes a lot of time and money.

During water leak most businesses had to shut down early, and even the school district had to close its doors around noon.

"With schools our main concern is to make sure our students are taken care of," Superintendent Brian Patterson said. "During yesterday's situation our entire water supply was shut down and no one could use the restrooms so we went ahead and had an early release."

Patterson says during these type of situations the school district immediately takes action and stocks up on bottled water for their students and staff.

The city expects Paducah's water supply to be back to normal by Friday, but there is a water boil notice until the city gets back test samples confirming the water is safe for consumption.

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