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Xcel Energy celebrates move to new downtown Amarillo location

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Xcel Energy is now moving about 300 employees into the company's newest downtown Amarillo location.

Employees are now moving into the Buchanan location which holds four floors of office space.

Xcel says the move will allow employees to work more efficiently on tasks that will serve over 100 communities in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

"There's already an advantage in the way that we work together collaboratively," said Wes Reeves, Xcel Energy Spokesman. "That was really the whole idea behind the way the building is laid out. We've been in our older building and we're scattered over many floors, and this building we are in just four floors that are much larger. So, it really improves the flow of work especially when we have a lot going on."

The space is larger than the Chase Tower location as some floor have the capability to hold about 8 different departments.

Aside from the extra space, there are also high tech meeting rooms.

The new move and more advanced equipment will attract next generation workers, and those workers are essential for the region to provide better customer service.

"If you're a customer sitting at home asking, why is this important to me? There are a lot of reasons," says Reeves. "First, we are investing billions of dollars into the high voltage network of lines that brings power into our communities. Also, everything that's going to be planned over the next thirty to forty years in the regions electric infrastructure is happening right here in downtown Amarillo."

To commemorate the move, Xcel will also hold two events.

On May 16, Xcel will distribute $533,000 to the Amarillo & Canyon United Way, $65,000 to the Texas Panhandle 100 club and $10,000 to the American Red Cross.

May 17, Xcel will hold its annual shareholders meeting in the new building.

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