WT Police Officer rescues bees on campus to teach a lesson

WT Police Officer rescues bees on campus to teach a lesson

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Bees were the reason for a recent call to WT police, and one officer is now using the incident to teach a lesson.

It was in a tree in the heavy trafficked area on WT's campus where a swarm of bees was found. Little did officers know, one of their own knew a thing or two about how to handle it.

"We got a call about a large swarm of bees that was outside one of our buildings, old main on campus and nobody really knew what to do with them there," said Officer Jake Splawn.

WT Police Officers were called out to the area, but they were not aware Officer Splawn knew exactly what to do. Being an amateur beekeeper, he grabbed a box to keep them alive and took them to his own farm.

"Everything from pesticides to harsh winters and disease and things like that are what's harming the bee population, and so that was one of the big motivators for my wife and I to start keeping bees on my own," said Splawn.

Splawn tells us this many bees are not often seen on WT's campus, so students and staff should not worry. He tells us this a great opportunity to educate people about how beneficial the insects are.

"Something like one out of three bites eaten worldwide comes from pollinators, especially bees, and lately since about 2006, the number of bees has been declining rapidly and there's really just misconceptions about them being dangerous."

Splawn has decided to keep the bees and says they are doing well and have already begun to make honeycomb.
He tells us there are plenty of beekeepers in our area who will gladly get rid of bees, safely.

Some tips he has to offer are:

  • Do not call an exterminator or spray them with pesticides.
  • Do not try to swat them all away.
  • Do call a local beekeeper to pick up the bees.

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