UPDATE: No decision yet for Deputy City Manager Bob Cowell

UPDATE: No decision yet for Deputy City Manager Bob Cowell

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - UPDATE: Amarillo Deputy City Manager Bob Cowell remains in the panhandle, for now.

Cowell is one of four finalists up for the city manager spot in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma city council members sat down this morning in a special meeting to announce the hire, but the city's mayor delayed the decision, saying they were not ready to vote. They will now consider the current interim city manager at their meeting Tuesday, May 16th at 5 pm (PT).

Initial Report:

The City of Amarillo staff will find out Saturday if they need to start looking for a replacement for one of the highest positions in the city.

Deputy City Manager Bob Cowell is ready to take the next step to become a city manager.

Since he was not chosen for the spot here in Amarillo, he's looking elsewhere, and is one of four finalists to take that job in Tacoma, Washington.

Cowell started working for the City of Amarillo in 2013.

He was a big player in finalizing the propositions for November's bond election and has had a hand in most major projects the city has.

"I could always depend on Bob," said outgoing council member Randy Burkett. "He was the go-to guy at the city if you needed anything done. Any time of the day, too. You could call him late at night. If I had a problem, he would take care of it immediately."

That sentiment was echoed by other council members who said Cowell made all of their jobs easier during their terms.

They support him in his search to become a city manager.

"Bob is a SPECTACULAR choice," said outgoing council member Mark Nair. "I'll miss him, but the city should miss him more."

Nair and Burkett said losing Cowell would be a major loss for the city.

"We've got a brand new council, and they're going to have that learning curve. We've got a brand new city manager. Without Bob here, who really knows the ins and outs of everything, it's going to be tough," said Burkett.

Cowell said he loves working in Amarillo, and if he does not get this or other offers, he'll be happy to stay in town a little longer.

"My experience here has been just phenomenal," he said. "I've really enjoyed working in Amarillo. And if this doesn't work out, or one of these others don't, I'm going to continue to deliver. Amarillo really is a special place, and I've appreciated that."

"Bob just brought so much to the table," said Burkett. "He was a real task master. He made everything work at the city. Every moving part he knew, and he just knew how to take care of everything. You don't replace a guy like Bob Cowell."

Tacoma's city council will make its decision Saturday morning for its new city manager.

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