Lemur found in Canyon city limits, officials urge caution with exotic pets

Lemur found in Canyon city limits, officials urge caution with exotic pets

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - UPDATE: Lone Star Scales and Tails has taken possession of the lemur.

Per their Facebook page, here is how the lemur is doing.

"Here's a quick update on our new resident lemur... 
We are pleased to say her transition to life here with our two boys has been very smooth. There are no signs of aggression or stress between the animals. (PingPong, our oldest male, thinks he is her personal groomer). We are medicating her daily for a heart murmur and also administering eye drops for glaucoma.
I want to stress...she has a lovely demeanor and shows no signs of abuse or neglect. For those of us who are animal keepers....whether we keep domestic or exotic, whether we keep one animal or 100 animals....unpredictable things can happen in a instant. How many of us can honestly say we haven't had that heart sinking moment when we realize our pet might be missing?! We are happy to be able to provide a home for this sweet girl here at LSS&T, but our hearts break when an owner is separated from their pet. Please remember that social media is hot bed for rumors so please be mindful of that before comments are made. Please be kind, please don't judge, please give grace."


Amarillo animal officials are caring for an exotic animal, after it was found roaming the streets of Canyon.

Yesterday, a Canyon resident called animal control, claiming a raccoon was on their front porch. But when officials arrived, they found this little guy....a lemur.

He was then brought to Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare for health evaluation. We spoke with Director Richard Havens who tells us the lemur was not in the best shape, due to poor care.

Officials were able to locate the owner of the lemur, who indicated they no longer have an interest in the animal because the amount of veterinary care that is needed.

There's no denying they're cute. But Havens tells us these animals do not make good pets, especially if you're not supposed to have one.

Per city ordinance, it is unlawful to keep, harbor, or maintain a wild animal within the city limits, unless you are a zoo, non-profit, government entity or traveling show in the city no longer than 15 days, but certain licenses allow a person to keep one as a pet.

The animals are high maintenance. And Havens says it is not appropriate to keep them in any other habitat than what they are meant, such as large areas with trees.

The lemur is at the shelter, being treated for its health issues. And Havens tells us the USDA licensed facility will take custody of the animal tonight.

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