River Road holds career day for students

River Road holds career day for students
(Source: KFDA)
(Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - River Road Middle School held it's first career day to encourage students to think about professions before high school.

"We've made it into a career day that's unique to the individual students here," said Saul Ruiz, curriculum and intervention specialist. "We asked the students what they wanted rather than just say 'here are all of the career options that we think you might want.'"

Ruiz says that it is never too soon to begin talking about higher education or careers to children.

After noticing that some students have never been introduced to the idea of college, the middle school held a career day that highlighted 14 different professions.

"This has been very eye opening for the kids, and we have never done it here before so it has been very cool to see their reaction and what are they interested in," said Stephanie Beck, River Road Middle School Teacher. "I would like to do it earlier in the year because it give us something to kind of connect with the kids on."

Students learned about the incomes these jobs provide and the steps professionals took to get to where they are now.

Students that are heading to high school next year also learned about counseling and certification that River Road provides in cosmetology, nursing or welding before graduation.

"Sometimes they never think about a plan unless we spark something in them," said Ruiz. "My whole goal is not to decide where they want to go and what they want to be. My goal is to spark something in them so that they will go with it. You've got to have a plan and the bigger the dream, the bigger the plan you are going to have to have."

Educators say middle school is the right time to bring up college, and checking in on your child's tests and homework will encourage better study habits they can carry to college.

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