Lake Meredith surpasses 64' in depth

Lake Meredith surpasses 64' in depth

FRITCH, TX (KFDA) - Our recent rain and snow are helping raise the water level at Lake Meredith faster than usual.

This past weekend the lake depth hit 64 feet for the first time this year.

Since January 1st the lake has risen almost a foot and a half, twice as much as this time last year.

But the water level could start to decrease as early as next week.

The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (CRMWA) said it plans to start pumping water out of the lake for cities' use within the next week.

This year they expect the water level to drop 2 feet due to pumping, and about 6 feet from evaporation.

But the frequent rain this year could change those projections.

"It just depends on the rain we get it, where we get it, and all those factors," said Chad Pernell, CRMWA's Deputy General Manager. "Obviously we hope it [raises] but we don't know what this summer and fall hold."

Thirsty vegetation and a variety of soil types in the water shed are affecting how much rain water enters the Canadian River and Lake Meredith.

"There're some parts of the water shed that are more efficient than others," said Pernell. "There are some areas where [the rain] is going to soak in. And there there're some areas where there's going to be usage from brush and you're going to have losses in the river itself as well."

Pernell said any increase in the lake level is good, but he's unsure the lake will ever be able to reach its maximum depth of over 100 feet again.

"Even with the same amount of rainfall, it doesn't seem like we get the same amount of inflow into the lake," he said. "That being said, I think it's always possible. But I think it would take a pretty major storm system or set of systems to do that."

Lake Meredith's water level changes daily. You can track level updates and statistics here.

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