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Potter County Sheriff's kick off bye-bye boot camp

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On May 10, about 100 high school girls participated in the Bye-Bye Boot Camp that helps prepare them for life on their own after graduation. 

The Potter County Sheriff's Office has thrown this day long boot camp in hopes to teach students from River Road and Bushland High Schools defense tactics and situational awareness

"A lot of these girls will go off to college. They may have never been trained in how to deal with conflict or confrontation, and unfortunately our world is a little crazy now," said Rachel Freeman, River Road HS Assistant Principal. "So, we felt like this day will help prepare them for something so they can at least defend themselves or fight someone off if they needed to."

Training is important as women are more likely to experience assault or abduction more so than men.

Last year in Amarillo, there were about 300 aggravated assaults and about 80 reported rapes.

Gracie Berry is a River Road senior looking to attend Texas State University and says this day of training has been more challenging than she expected.

"It's really eye opening to see this actually can help you," said Berry. "You don't want to think that something bad would happen to you, but today they gave us the tools to protect ourselves which is really cool."

Aside from just learning how to physically defend themselves, students also learned about unplanned pregnancies, as well as mental health and financial planning.

"What really stands out to me is that after we do the defensive tactics portion course, is their confidence just takes a whole step up to a whole new level," said Deputy Jake Wilkins, Potter County Sheriff's Office. "We have nothing but positive feedback from these young ladies."

Currently Bye-Bye Boot Camp is only offered to Bushland and River Road seniors, but school officials say there are hopes to expand to other school districts in the area.

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