$3.4 million water study to help prep for Amarillo's future water needs

$3.4 million water study to help prep for Amarillo's future water needs
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - More than $3 million dollars of Amarillo's budget will be used to create a plan for the future of the city's water supply and quality.

Amarillo's most recent water plan and study were put together 14 years ago.

Since then, the city has grown, and staff will have to reevaluate how everyone in Amarillo gets their water.

They said that's where this $3,393,320.00 study comes in.

An outside engineering company will come to Amarillo and analyze data and equipment to see what needs to be fixed and how to more efficiently complete water improvement projects.

"You'll have pressure fluctuations in a city this size, where does a pump need to be improved, how old is that pump, is it worn out, the wear factor," said Floyd Hartman, Director of Capital Projects and Development Engineering for the City of Amarillo. "Identifying those needs is critical in that process."

The city is working now to install more pipelines and expand the storage of the Potter County well fields, increasing the amount of water available each day from 20 million to 30 million gallons.

And as more of the city is developed, more construction will need to be done.

"It's very essential that we see where the next water tower needs to go, what pumps need to be put in place, what pipe lines need to be put in place, to best operate the system," said Hartman.

He said this study will make Amarillo more eligible for grants from the Texas Water Development Board.

The high price tag is due to the depth of the study and the detailed analysis and plan the city is expecting to receive.

"As soon as they get the information, we start getting access to it," said Hartman. "Such as if we have a pipeline that's totally collapsed or unusable. We'll get that as soon as they know that, but what we'll wind up with two years from now is that written plan to go by so we stay on track with what the priorities are."

The study will be complete by 2019 and is being paid for through water fees and that department's budget, not citizen taxes.

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