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More than 37,000 pounds of apples donated to area food banks

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On May 5, more than 37,000 pounds of apples were donated to food banks across Texas and Eastern New Mexico which will help provide fresh food to under-served families.

"There's no way we could access all of the fresh produce that we are able to distribute each year without it coming to us as a large scale donation," said Emily Bell, Marketing & Communications Manager for the High Plains Food Bank. "So, this is significant for us."

This donation is part of the United Family's and First Fruits Take a Bite Out of Hunger campaign. 

7 different Texas food banks and the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico received fresh apples.

In the area, more than 4,000 pounds of apples were delivered to the High Plains Food Bank (HPFB) while more than 3,000 were donated to the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico.

"There's so many food insecure families that we are glad to be able to help," said Paul Evans, United Supermarkets Regional Operations VP. "There's a need everywhere, and if United Supermarkets can contribute to the communities that are supporting us, we feel excited to be able to help them."

The HPFB distributes about 7 million pounds of food each year and about two thirds of that food is fresh produce.

The Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico distributes about 2 million, and both give this food to hundreds of food pantries in food insecure communities.

The plan is to distribute these apples with other fresh produce in those under-served communities as soon as possible.

"But the need is still very high, we are hoping to have a more balanced year," said Bell. "We do see a little bit of a lower donation in the summer time where we have a greater need, so this happening just before summer is a big deal."

Although this donation will help more than 31 counties in the area, monetary donations are still in high demand.

If you want to help your local food bank, just one dollar can purchase at least four meals or about five pounds of food.

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