Investigators split on what may have happened to Thomas Brown

Investigators split on what may have happened to Thomas Brown

CANADIAN, TX (KFDA) - Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis believes missing teen Thomas Brown is still alive.

But as we enter the sixth month since his disappearance, private investigators aren't so sure.

Klein Investigations, a private firm hired by brown's family, said based on their searches, there's a 70% chance that Brown is dead.

Lewis said there's no evidence to back that up.

Both groups are continuing their investigations, and have some updates in the case they can share.

A cadaver dog was brought out by Klein Investigations to search for signs of Brown, and alerted investigators to the Lake Marvin area.

That location is where a different body was found nearly 20 years ago, but because they were not able to search the entire Lake Marvin area, investigators are focusing their efforts there.

"We did put the dog onto Thomas's automobile," said Philip Klein, lead investigator. "The dog hit on the automobile and the dog hit in the automobile."

What the dog found was a small trace of blood that Lewis said was small and looked like the result of a minor cut.

Brown's backpack and laptop that were found months ago proved to have no information that would help out this case.

His Facebook profile was deleted by Facebook after being hacked, but both parties said that will not hinder the investigation,.

Klein investigators covered 19 areas in and around Canadian during their most recent search, and said they're looking into five of those areas, and believe something "nefarious" happened to brown.

Lewis thinks otherwise.

"Everything that was put out there by Klein Investigations was speculations and theories," said Lewis. "This could have happened, this might have happened, we think this happens. That's not what we do here. We go off of evidence or lack of evidence."

Some of those theories are that someone dumped Brown's car and walked into the neighborhood nearby, or that his body is buried somewhere in the county.

Lewis said there is not evidence to back these theories up.

Private investigators focus on the civil side of the investigation, while law enforcement takes a prosecutory standpoint.

But both groups are working together and sharing resources to solve this case.

"I really don't care who finds him," said Lewis. "We just need to bring him home, or figure out exactly what happened."

Lewis and Klein and his investigators are looking into every tip they receive.

If you have any information that may help them find brown, call the Hemphill County Sheriff's Office at (806) 323-5326.

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