Proposed bill could once again change Texas school rating system

Proposed bill could once again change Texas school rating system

PANHANDLE, TX (KFDA) - The Texas House of Representatives has voted in favor of a bill that could change rating systems for all Texas public schools.

Currently schools are ranked A through F which grades a school district's performance based off standardized testing.

Under the proposed bill, schools would be graded in three categories: student achievement, student progress and school climate.

"The legislature, their focus was to try to make it where it would be easy for parents to decide which school district to send their kids, but really what it did was muddy the water because it's pretty in depth," said Panhandle ISD Superintendent, Blair Brown. "I'm glad to see that the House is trying to make it easier for parents to see how their schools are doing."

The bill could help districts show how well their extracurricular activities and programs also match up with other schools.

"I like the student progress part of the A through F system because that's a good barometer of a school and how students are progressing even if a student might not be on grade level," said Brown. "We feel if we can get that student up to a full year in growth then we've done a good job."

In last years STARR performance testing, 92.5 percent of Panhandle ISD students performed at a satisfactory standard or above, ranking the district an A in student achievement.

Before the A through F system, schools were only placed in two categories: met standards or improvements required.

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