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Farmers and producers dealing with snow storm aftermath

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About 10 inches of snow fell in Dalhart and Texline this weekend leaving many ranchers and their communities recovering.

The Dallam and Hartley counties AgriLife extension says they have helped prepare these producers a week before the storm, but freshly planted crops and newborn calves have still suffered.

"It definitely was an extreme late April snow and both of our counties Dallam and Hartley were both under blizzard advisories," said Bailee Wright, Dallam & Hartley Counties Extension Agent. "It was intense, but the good thing was it was short and the weather warmed up so snow was able to melt away. Hopefully it did not affect too many of our crops or our livestock. It's planting season, but not all of our summer crops are in the ground yet, so we are not expecting to see too much loss on the crops side of it."

Although some crops were expected to be impacted by the snow, there are hopes the added moisture will help summer planting.

"The moisture this early on was great. Our producers are hoping it will lead to a really great summer season to go ahead and have this moisture."

As for livestock, it is now calving season. Ranchers who were expecting newborns during the weekend storm may have experienced some losses. 

"We do have quite a few calves on the ground already," said Wright. "So, those should have been good as long ranchers had them out in the pasture with some hay. Our producers are all probably having a rough Monday as they are trying to dry those pastures and get cattle moved to dryer places."

At this time there is no count on how many cattle have been misplaced or lost, but if you are looking for cattle or need to report a loss, it is encouraged to contact your area extension office.

Right now the biggest concern is keeping cattle dry as the snow melts.

If you are looking to help your area producers during severe weather contact your AgriLife Extension Office.

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