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Simulation center construction ahead of schedule at TTUHSC

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

The new SimCentral simulation building at the Amarillo's Texas Tech Health Sciences Center will open earlier than planned.

Seven months into construction and the building itself is close to completion.

Thanks in part to cooperative weather, the simulation center is scheduled to open about four weeks early and under budget.

The almost $9.75 million, 20,485 square foot facility will be used by all students at the Health Sciences Center, as well as nursing students from WT and AC.

"Seconds save lives, and so people really need to know where to stand, where to go get something, what to do," said Dr. Richard M. Jordan, Regional Dean of the School of Medicine. "Everyone's got to work together as a team."

Workers are wiring the building now for cameras and microphones which will be placed in each simulation room so scenarios can be recorded by staff and used for debriefings with students.

"We can create things that are so realistic now," said Jordan. "The physician can speak as the patient to the trainees and we can make it a really, really realistic experience."

Jordan said he hopes this new facility will bring more medical students to Amarillo.

"I'm on the admissions committee, and the perspective students really love the simulation area, so I think this will only help us," he said.

This new facility is scheduled to open in September, and students are expected to start training there by October 1st.

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