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Amarillo drivers may see fewer one-way streets downtown

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Drivers in downtown Amarillo could soon be dealing with fewer one-way streets.

It all has to do with the parking garages going up on Buchanan Street.

Cars will need to exit right and left on 7th and 8th Avenues, and right now it's against city ordinance to turn left out of any parking garage in the city.

That will cause some problems when people try to exit the new parking garage onto, well, any street surrounding it.

The city believes the solution to this problem, along with getting rid of that ordinance, is converting 7th and 8th from one-way to two-way streets.

"We already have it on 6th that allows people to enter the garage in multiple ways," said Bob Cowell, Deputy City Manager. "More importantly when the events end and people empty out, they'll have multiple options. They'll be able to go to Buchanan, Pierce or Fillmore. That way they can travel north or south pretty easily."

The entirety of 7th and 8th will not be converted to two-way roads, just the two blocks between Buchanan and Fillmore.

That means those streets will be one-way in some parts, and two-way in the others.

"There's definitely going to be a period of education in terms of press releases," said Cowell. "We'll probably put up message board signs or something to alert folks. Just like when you put up a new signal light, there's a period of time where you have to alert people, 'hey there's a new signal light where there wasn't one.' We'll have to do something similar here."

If these conversions prove efficient, fewer one-way streets may be in downtown's future.

"Eventually we'll probably look at expanding it, not only in the distance of it, but even some of the other streets possibly that are one-way we may look at [converting]," said Cowell. "We're kind of viewing this as a test to maybe see how it goes."

The partial conversions of 7th and 8th should be completed by October.

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