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Two Clovis students benefiting from National Merit Leadership Summit

Source: John Mammano Source: John Mammano
Brandon Mammano / Source: KFDA Brandon Mammano / Source: KFDA
Chandler Culberth / Source: KFDA Chandler Culberth / Source: KFDA

For the first time, not one but two Clovis High students had the opportunity to participate in a National Merit Leadership Summit at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

More than 800 students from across the nation applied for the opportunity to attend the summit but only 12 were chosen.

Of those 12, two were Clovis sophomores Brandon Mammano and Chandler Culberth.

Throughout the week-long program, the students traveled to Colorado to develop their leadership skills and enhance their problem-solving capacities.

"I want to be able to take these skills and put them into our community," Mammano said. "I want to transfer these skills to different students so that they can start becoming better leaders too."

"I really just wanted to expand upon my leadership skills because I knew if I improved as a leader myself I can bring it back to my school and lead by example for my school," Culberth said.  

Clovis teachers say the students are natural leaders and have already applied their new skills in daily activities.

"Brandon takes charge and takes control of any given assignment and he can take others with him and bring them as close to the level he is at and he is a great teacher as well," Augustine Martinez said.

"Chandler is always super respectful. She has a very determined demeanor and she is focused on her goals," Sasha Mejia said.

Brandon and Chandler have already incorporated many of the lessons they learned at the summit into their daily activities and are looking forward to future opportunities where they can bring their community together.

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