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Amarillo woman with cancer hopes to teach others about importance of check-ups

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An Amarillo woman is hoping her battle with cancer will help others see the importance of one simple act.

Melodee Marlow never thought she'd receive news about being struck with cancer. But in December, she received the gut-wrenching call after what she thought would be a normal check-up.

Doctors told her she had cervical cancer, and it had progressed so much, she was not a candidate for laser surgery and she needed a hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.

"I had put off my tests for years just out of inconvenience or timing, work and embarrassment," said Marlow.

Marlow now wants to get the word out to others about the importance of routine check-ups, in hopes of avoiding situations like hers. She tells us regardless of gender or age, her story is worth a listen.

"Regular tests can be early detection and early detection can be the difference in life or death or what kind of surgery you have, what kind of chemo you take or even if you need chemo," said Marlow. "Had I done these tests years before I had or even months before I had maybe I wouldn't have had to do any of this."

The surgeries took the majority of Marlow's cancer, however she continues radiation daily and chemo once a week, in hope of wiping the disease away completely.

"Nobody likes to go to these doctors, but they definitely wouldn't like what I'm going through right now."

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