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Moore County upgrades tornado sirens

Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Tommy Brooks / Source: KFDA Tommy Brooks / Source: KFDA

Two cities in Moore County are making sure they are equipped with state of the art weather equipment.

Sunray and Dumas each purchased four tornado warning sirens to help ensure the safety of their residents.

It's been almost 50 years since the city of Sunray installed new tornado sirens and as they go up, city officials expect them to be more reliable.

Former sirens in Sunray were outdated and had frequent maintenance problems.

The new equipment will also be louder than the former sirens and each have battery back ups so they can operate during a power outage.

"Before if there was no power, if the storm had knocked out the power, the sirens wouldn't have worked," Emergency Management Coordinator Tommy Brooks said. "With the battery back up, even without power, we can still activate the sirens."

Using this new system the Moore County Emergency Management Center will be able to activate each siren from their office in Dumas.

Although the programming is online, Brooks says it would be difficult for hackers to hack into the sirens.

"It would be hard to do because each siren are on different radio frequencies," Brooks said. " They all take different codes to active, it's not impossible to hack them but it would be hard to do."

Right now, three out of the four sirens in each city are installed and the rest should be ready to go by Friday morning.

MCEM will be testing out tornado sirens on Friday, April 21 in the cities of Dumas, Cactus and Sunray.

The sirens are programmed to activate at 11 a.m. if weather permits.

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