The importance of voting in our local elections

The importance of voting in our local elections

Our perspective is: We live in this city and we pay taxes in this city and voting on who spends that money is important.

So NewsChannel 10 is devoting extra time and resources to bring you what the candidates have to say.

All this week we're sharing information ranging from polling places to campaign pitches online and on the air.

The city council election offers candidates who must oversee improvements to everything from neglected neighborhoods, aging infrastructure and the oversight of a developing downtown.

The Amarillo school district trustees are wrestling with big questions like budget pressure from the state, ending the bussing of students and how to increase the embrace of diversity.

Amarillo College Regents are also feeling the pinch of state funding cuts. And they will face the challenge to keep adapting the school for students who are the first in their family to pursue higher education or are already working full time but need help improving their lives.

There are candidates running for all these leadership positions that will shape your future. And they'll be spending your tax money to do it so have your say.

Early voting starts Monday, and Election Day is May 6.

What's your perspective? Will you be joining your neighbors in speaking your mind or will you be sitting this one out and hoping for the best?

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