APD believes there's no need to worry about hacking key fobs

APD believes there's no need to worry about hacking key fobs

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A viral post over the weekend has Amarillo Police addressing an uncommon type of theft.

Getting in your car is simple as unlocking it, but one Amarillo man believes there may be thieves who have tools to do it without actually breaking any part of your car.

Pictures that were shared over the weekend have one Amarillo man asking people to be on the lookout, as thieves had broken into and stolen items from his vehicle.

The post says, "it appears they have door codes or other devices to unlock vehicles."

This caused some alarm among residents, as they worry hacking fobs are being used in Amarillo. And though this man is not the only one who believes this may have happened to him, the APD says they have no real proof of it.

"There are things out there where you can hack into key fobs and key-less entry systems, but we have not been able to confirm in Amarillo that any of those have been used in these cases," said APD Officer Jeb Hilton.

But they hope this does not deter people from taking necessary precautions to avoid any vehicle thefts. Hilton has said it time and time again, but he offers another reminder...

"The main thing with auto burglaries is not leaving anything in your vehicle that can be stolen...whether it is locked up safe in a glove box or in a safe in your vehicle, or whatever it is, there's still going to be somebody that's going to try to get into it," said Hilton.

Hilton says what the department has seen in the past, is thieves stealing car manuals, as those usually have key-less entry codes on them for cars that allow the codes.

This falls along the lines of taking out anything valuable and locking your doors.

"I don't think there's any cause for concern with this. Again, we have not found any cases where we've been able to prove that somebody was hacking into key fobs or a key-less entry system."

Hilton tells us this case is still open, as the investigation continues.

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