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Local coffee shops plan to expand

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The coffee shop business is booming and local hubs are looking to grow.

Palace Coffee Company is working to make their brewing experience more interactive. They have launched a Kickstarter in order to bring in a new roaster. Owners Krystal and Patrick Burns said they hope this will bring out the science behind the brewing process. Patrick Burns said the roaster is going to be right out in the open.

"Guests get to sit right across the bar and ask our roaster questions while he's roasting their coffee. They'll be able to see every single aspect of it and hopefully be educated in a kind, easy way," said Burns.

The couple also plans on building another location at Amarillo College's Washington Street campus, that will be up and running this fall.

Roasters was the very first specialty coffee shop to roast it's own coffee in Amarillo, and they are also on the move. They're not releasing many details right now, but say they plan on opening up a new shop or two in the future. They are planning on buying a bigger roaster as well. Roasters Owner Craig Gualtiere said the local coffee culture has significantly changed since they opened in 1992.

"When we first opened, we had to educate the public on specialty coffee. Believe it or not, people at the time never even heard of a latte, they never heard of a cafe mocha. So, it was very challenging," said Gualtiere.

Evocation coffee is also working on expanding and possibly opening another location in about a year. Coffee shop owners all stress how important it is to shop local in order to reinvest into the community. Evocation CEO Roman Leal said supporting local coffee shops allows customers to experience something completely different.

"Having a community support something that is uniquely local, something that's manifested from this community, I think gives them the opportunity to experience and really take part in creating something that's nowhere else," said Leal.

All of the coffee shop owners said their expansions will bring more jobs to our community. 

For more information on how you can back the Palace Coffee Company Kickstarter, click here.

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