Group planting money around Amarillo for residents to claim

Group planting money around Amarillo for residents to claim

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Hundreds of dollars are being planted around Amarillo, bringing out hundreds of people hoping to score the money. Creators of the project tell us all they really want is for people in Amarillo to come together.

Money is a common sight lately around Amarillo, as a new group called, "Amarillo's Scavenger Hunt" has taken the area by storm.

The group plants money around the Amarillo area, then leaves clues on social media so residents can find it. And though organizers look a little silly in their costumes, they tell us they don't want a lot of recognition, which is why they aren't revealing their identities.

"It's really just about giving back to the community and having a lot of fun," said one organizer. "You know, we wanted to do something wild. So we decided what better way to do that than to give cash back. Everybody loves cash!"

They tell us, there's no catch. It's just a way to get people in the area active and enjoying spring.

Local businesses also have their hand in the hunt, by donating the funds for the game.

"We have single moms out there that could use cash, they're looking. We have people that don't get out of the house much. Those people are looking too. People that just want to have fun. We have all kinds of people that are looking for it, so it's just all about giving back and having fun."

And the APD is asking you to be vigilant if you see people roaming Amarillo streets playing along.

"With the general public we like to let people know that things like this are going on. We don't want to get unnecessary phone calls to our dispatch center," said APD Officer Jeb Hilton. "It's something that we probably will get calls on it, we will check into it to make sure that there is nothing illegal going on. But know that if you're out, you're having fun and you're not breaking the law, you might get stopped because somebody called the cops on you, but you're not going to get in trouble for it."

If you would like to like their page to receive clues to find some cash, click here.

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