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Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to open soon if funds allow

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Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation is still working to bring the first wild animal rehab center to Amarillo.

It has been almost a year since Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation was given a rehab facility but it's not yet ready for use.  

This organization now has over 40 animals in their care and need donations to finish the construction of the center before early summer.

Summer tends to be one of their busiest times of the year. Last year they cared for more than 700 animals and this year they expect that number to double.  

"We have the volunteers and the community support, as far as the building supplies for the walls and painting goes," said Stephanie Oravetz, Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Founder. "But the bigger items are setting us back. We can't have the center open and have a volunteer program open to the community to work with the wildlife without the items that we need."

Before animals can use the new center, a plumber is needed to connect running water to the building.

A septic tank, HVAC unit and flooring are also essential before animals can be transferred.

The future center will have 9 different species rooms, a reception area and an intake examination room.

"We will also be working on outdoor enclosures," said Oravetz. "Our goal is to rehabilitate the animals inside and once they are old enough, if they are babies, they will have a play area that's indoors and then we will get them acclimated to the outside so they can get ready for release."

The estimated cost to open the center is about $20,000. 

If all funds become available this month, the center could open as early as midsummer.

If you want to learn more on how you can help the rehab center by donating or even volunteering your time, you can visit their website.

The Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation center is located at 2901 N Soncy near the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center.

If you come across any animals that you believe are in need, you can contact the rehab center at 806-680-BITE (2483).

Oravetz also wants to remind residents to not disturb any animals especially infants if they do not look like they are injured.

"Many times you will see fledglings (baby birds) on the ground and you will think that they fell out of their nest," said Oravetz. "But it's just touch love,  the adult birds are teaching them how to fly. Also, we get a lot of calls for cottontails. Cottontails will leave their babies in some of the worse places and will only feed them a few times a day. If you spot little cottontails, leave them alone. It's a 10 percent chance of survival if they are removed from the wild."

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