Old Baptist St. Anthony's Hospital continues to see vandalism

Old Baptist St. Anthony's Hospital continues to see vandalism

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The owner of an old Amarillo hospital says vandalism continues to plague buildings he is working hard to preserve.

All Dennis Caldwell, owner of the old St. Anthony's hospital building really wants is some closure to find out who exactly has been doing this.

"Those have just been done this last week during the rain. This was ransacked in here."

Though he did not wish to be seen on camera, he gave us a walk through to see the vandalism first-hand. Lots of broken glass, graffiti, broken locks and cut copper pipes are a common sight.

In fact, the shattered stained glass windows of an old chapel might just tell you what kind of people are vandalizing.

"It'd be several hundred thousand dollars to fix it," said Caldwell. "I mean, a person could cut some corners you know hire someone, if you just contracted it out, it'd be very high."

At this point, it isn't clear what the thieves and vandals are out for, other than some old copper. Caldwell believes the vandalism is being done to intimidate him into leaving.

But he says he will stay.

"I want something to happen here worse than anyone. You know, I want something good to happen."

The Amarillo Police Department tells us they do indeed have a report of the vandalism on their record.

Caldwell tells us many people have shown interest in purchasing the building, and there are a few ongoing discussions.
But for now, he has posted signs around the property, in hopes of catching the people involved, so that "history can be preserved."

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