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Amarillo prepares playa lakes for wet weather

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

City engineers have completed several projects to improve Amarillo's drainage and reduce flood plains around playa lakes.

Despite increased efforts to reduce the impact, the city's infrastructure is not built to handle high volumes of water.

"It is intended for the street to carry the storm water flow in a normal event," said City Engineer Kyle Schneiderjan. "In our largest storms the water can flow up on the road up to 18 inches by design."

According to the National Weather Service, nearly half of all flood related deaths take place in Texas. More than 60 percent of those people died in their cars.

During heavy rains, Amarillo's playa lakes are susceptible to flooding and the water is diverted onto the roads. Therefore, drivers are encouraged to take extra caution when water begins to accumulate.

It only takes 6 inches of rain to cause cars to lose control and stall out. After a foot of water, cars begin to float and can be carried away. However, Schneiderjan said as long as people take the necessary precautions the majority of serious situations can be avoided.

"We currently have permanent pumps in five lakes and in preparation for the wet season our maintenance groups are overseeing the pumps and making sure they're ready to roll," said Schneiderjan.

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