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Community colleges could soon offer bachelor's degrees

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Proposed legislation could allow students who begin working on their bachelor's degree at a community college to finish without transferring.

State Senator Kel Seliger filed one of a dozen bills that is being addressed in Austin. If passed, they would allow community colleges to offer bachelor's degrees along with the current two-year associate's degree.

"A good majority of students at Amarillo College (AC) transfer to WT," said Wes Condray, the director of communications and marketing at Amarillo College.

Due to the relationship and proximity between AC and West Texas A&M, AC is unlikely to offer a four-year degree even if the legislation is approved.

Rather then wait for these bills to be addressed in the legislative session, the school is working to make the transfer process more efficient and easier for students.

"In the past students would have lost credit hours or have taken excessive classes that they didn't need at WT," said Condray. "We've worked with them so our students can start here and be successful and then head off to other schools to finish their degree."

The goal of this legislation is to increase the number of skilled workers across Texas. Those who oppose it say it could create unwanted competition between institutions as well as raise tuition costs at community colleges.

Representatives at Amarillo College declined to comment when asked if they were in favor or opposed the legislation.

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