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Rural school district garden utilized multiple ways

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Yarbrough Public School, a K-12 institution about 20 miles North of Goodwell, OK, now has an indoor garden used for more than its fruits and vegetables.

The environmental science students at Yarbrough tend to a variety of plants in the school's indoor garden. They learn about pollination and pH levels as they use hydroponic systems to grow plants without soil.

One of the bigger attractions within the garden is its aquaponics system, where students learn how fish live in recycled water that gives nutrients to the plants.

"It's really fun especially being with my friends," said senior student Alejandro. "I also really like when the younger kids visit the garden. They love to see the plants and get excited."

Yarbrough's elementary students get to use the garden for active learning as well. Produce grows throughout the school year, and when ripe it becomes what students eat inside the cafeteria. 

"They not only get to see it grow from the time that they planted the seed but they actually get to sample it," said science teacher Ruth Gray. "Then when it's ready, we actually put them on the salad bar. It's research, it's hands on, it's learning and it's not just from a book."

This garden became possible after an area farmer nominated the school district to receive a $25,000 grant supporting rural community growing.

There are plans to continue this garden for future students if funds allow it. If you want to learn more about the Yarbrough School District or want to donate toward active programs like the indoor garden, you can call superintendent Jim Wiggin at 580-545-3329.

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