Amarillo council candidates collect over $200,000 in campaign funding

Amarillo council candidates collect over $200,000 in campaign funding

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo City Council candidate financial filings state $224,739 has been invested into nine campaigns.

This is all money that has been contributed to the candidate's campaigns from January 4, 2017, through March 31, 2017.

The following numbers include monetary and in kind donations and exclude any personal loans.

Place 1

Elisha Demerson - $20,355
Elaine Hays - $7,760

Place 2

Freda Powell - $20,774
James Schenck - $5,930

Place 3

Dr. Eddy Sauer - $44,024
Tom Warren II - $5,056

Place 4

Mark Nair - $0
Howard Smith - $25,619


Ginger Nelson - $95,221
Renea Dauntes - $0
Jim Lowder - not yet reported

"It's not uncommon to see that size contribution or that fundraising ability," said Dr. Dave Rausch, a political science professor at WTAMU. "I'm not sure what it demonstrates in terms of, you know, 'I want to vote for this person because they can raise a lot of funds,' because they really can't use that money for anything other than campaigning."

Many of the donations that came in to various campaigns were personal donations from individuals.

Mayor Paul Harpole split his remaining campaign money from 2015 equally between candidates Freda Powell, Eddy Sauer and Howard Smith.

Councilman Randy Burkett donated money and billboard space to candidates James Schenck and Tom Warren II.

"It really is more [that] you're contributing because you can," said Rausch. "And you're hoping that person you're contributing to then will see things like you do and it's possible that if you have some issue that they may be more likely to listen to you."

But it's not guaranteed the person with the most campaign money in each race will win the election.

"I still think people with zero have a chance if they get out there and for work it," said Rausch. "For a city, you could pretty much if you really tried hard, cover every inch of the city on foot by the time the election comes along."
Candidates can still collect campaign money leading up to the final filing date which is eight days before the May 6th election.

To view Reporting Period III candidate financial reports in full, click on the names of each candidate below.

Mayor: Renea Dauntes | James Lowder | Ginger Nelson

Place 2: Frieda Powell | James Schenck

Place 4: Mark Nair | Howard Smith

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