USPS unveiling new tool that will email residents photos of mail

USPS unveiling new tool that will email residents photos of mail

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The United States Postal Service has unveiled a tool it hopes will make residents' mail more accessible, and more safe.

Soon area residents will have a little more peace of mind when they open up their mailboxes knowing that their mail is actually there. And it's all thanks to a tool to help battle mail theft, and make things more convenient.

Imagine knowing what mail you will be getting, before it even hits your home. The USPS has made that a reality, with their "informed delivery" tool.

Once signed up, a resident will receive an email with a photo or photos of all the mail being delivered that day.

"You'll receive an email each morning with an actual size black and white image of the front side of the letters and cards that are to be delivered," said USPS Communications Program Specialist Twana Barber.

The Postal Service hopes this method of delivery will allow customers to receive their mail before any thieves do.

"In my opinion being able to know what's in your mail, even if you can't physically retrieve those letters is paramount. Also we're entering the month of passports. Lots of people are traveling, you have income tax season which is this month, so knowing when that check really is in the mail could change how you plan your day," said Barber.

Signing up is simple and free of charge. All you have to do is create a USPS account, confirm your address, and opt in.

A concern for some people was how time consuming this will be for mail carriers. But Barber says, their work flow will remain the same.

"It's connected to our automated system. So we already have the mechanisms on our automation system that takes pictures of the front of the mail so we're not opening up mail, it's just the cover."

The service will be unveiled nationwide next week, on April 14th.

To sign up for the service, click here.

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