Travel pains, construction concerns not easing soon

Travel pains, construction concerns not easing soon

We asked for it, and the city of Amarillo and Texas Department of Transportation are giving it to us.

I'm frustrated traveling from north to south or vice versa in Amarillo right now. Every path has construction. My kids even comment that the road demolition team is a busy crew because they can bust it up faster than the repair crews can replace it.

We complain, but we also asked for our roads to be repaired. Now it is time, and as much as I think it could be coordinated better, I'm glad it is happening.

Our congested streets are getting makeovers from downtown beautification projects to what TxDOT hopes will be the unclogging of the Soncy and I-40 intersection, while and the southeast side of Loop 335 has another ongoing project.

The replacement of aging I-40 bridges at Soncy, Ross and Arthur continues with planning going on for more at Pullman, Lakeside and Whitaker.

And the spring/summer season is almost here for city contractors to start rebuilding main streets and repaving less-traveled ones.

The city is also setting up a program for a company to do an extensive survey of pavement in the city to create a comprehensive street maintenance plan.

Our Perspective is better streets are a good thing, but it sure does stink right now at some intersections as we travel about our lives.

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