Residents meet to discuss Amarillo's economic future

Residents meet to discuss Amarillo's economic future
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Citizens met with Avalanche Consulting for the first time Thursday evening to share what they would like the city to be known for 10 years from now.

This was the first time this firm has talked one-on-one with residents for their input on the city's economic development plan.

They were asked to look at Amarillo from an outsider's perspective and challenged to advertise the city the way they would like it to be seen 10 years from now in regards to infrastructure, business climate, workforce and education, quality of life, and innovation.

"People really care about the community in Amarillo," said Tony DeLisi, Senior Consultant with Avalanche. "Everybody, whether they were talking about education or infrastructure or entertainment options and quality of life, they're thinking about how can we make this better for the people who live here."

Some common ideas revolved around education and keeping students in Amarillo past graduation.

Also, building up a workforce so more businesses can move in to Amarillo.

"I think a lot of the things that were mentioned are things we need to aspire to," said Jared Miller, Amarillo's City Manager. "We're going to have to evaluate how achievable these things are by how effective we are through our economic development efforts and through our community development efforts. As we work on all of these, it's going to provide us a good road map of things we need to focus on and work on if we want to achieve the goals of the community."

Avalanche will take back what they learned Thursday and continue putting together an economic development plan, which should be finalized by June.

"Nothing makes me worried or concerned about the community," said DeLisi. "I think there are always things that you can improve, but y'all are really moving ahead on a number of fronts. It's exciting for us when y'all are already doing some of our job for us and moving these things forward."

To share your ideas for Amarillo's economic future with the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation and Avalanche Consulting, fill out their online survey.

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