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Homeless turn to local organizations during severe weather

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As severe weather sweeps the Panhandle, organizations like Faith City Mission and The Salvation Army of Amarillo want you to know, their doors are always open.

During severe weather like today, Amarillo's homeless community struggles to find shelter. Faith City Mission was slammed today as folks took cover during the thunderstorms. Those who are homeless, say it's hard living on the streets during these conditions. Frank Brandt has been homeless in Amarillo for a year and said life on the streets during severe weather is tough.

"I would sleep outside in a tent, or at the library," said Brandt.

Faith City Mission staff members watch for inclement weather and post on their building to let the homeless community know storms are on the way, but Development Director Michael Meil said it's impossible to tell everybody.

"It's kind of a community effort. If anybody out there sees somebody, they can push them to Faith City, give them a ride, or say Faith City has a place for you," said Meil.

During severe weather, The Salvation Army said residents who were previously asked to leave, are always allowed back in. Major Harvey Johnson said they don't want to leave anyone out, no matter the circumstances.

"Even those who show up inebriated or high, we'll provide them a cot in front of the office so we can monitor their behavior, but we don't want them out in the weather," said Johnson.

Both organizations treat severe weather the same a winter weather, and will never leave anyone out in the cold. They are always prepared with plenty of food and cots, but they still need monetary donations, pillows, blankets, jackets, socks, shoes, and underwear. 

For more information on how you can help Amarillo's homeless community during severe weather events, you can visit their websites.

To go to Faith City Mission's website, click here.

To go to the Salvation Army's website, click here.

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