ENMU new audiology equipment to better serve both students & patients

ENMU new audiology equipment to better serve both students & patients
ENMU new equipment (Source: KFDA)
ENMU new equipment (Source: KFDA)

PORTALES, N.M. (KFDA) - Eastern New Mexico University's (ENMU) Communicative Disorder students now have equipment that will benefit both the students and their patients.

Four new pieces of diagnostic testing equipment, along with an electronic database, has been added to the university's Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Outreach Center.

"When I started, the clinic was very dated," said Dr. Rachel Lingnau, ENMU Assistant Professor. "Most of the equipment was at least 16 years old. Technology changes so drastically so the need was great."

Before the recent change, a majority of the work was done on paper.

Now, students can use hands-on training to learn about ear functions, look for inflammation or holes in the ear drum.

They can also study speech therapy, as the equipment can play back sounds that a patient is hearing.

This can be especially helpful to diagnose problems for children who can not communicate that something is wrong.

"It's very interesting and this equipment is helpful because we won't always have audiologists around to interpret what a patient needs," said Laci Curry, ENMU Communicative Disorder student.

Audiology courses were primarily taught in class prior to the equipment arrival.

Now, there are hopes to open an full audiology clinic course for students. Currently if they want to work with patients, they have to register for practicum classes.

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