Citizens of Amarillo have another chance to voice their thoughts to the city

Citizens of Amarillo have another chance to voice their thoughts to the city

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - You, the citizens of Amarillo, have another chance to voice your thoughts to the city.

Economic Development is the topic and there are two companies working with City Hall and Amarillo Economic Development office to get a strategic plan together.

Earlier this month, the consultants put an extensive survey online to measure what people think the current economic state of the city is and what they want in the future. They are holding small meetings with people representing various walks of life and will have a supersized meeting at the Civic Center at the end of the month to take comments.

The survey is meant to identify assets the city already has to sell itself to businesses and the challenges that need to be addressed to clear the way for new or expanded businesses.

The hope is it will set out goals and steps to achieve them. They are planning on having it in-hand by the end of June.

Our Perspective is it would be a shame for a repeat of the recent past where people don't participate in expressing their ideas and listening to the options, and then say they were kept in the dark when it comes time to make decisions.

You can take action now and let your voice be heard. Take a few minutes to complete the online survey by clicking this link, or attend the Civic Center meeting on March 30 and have a say.

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