Farm Aid activates Family Farm Disaster Fund for wildfire relief

Farm Aid activates Family Farm Disaster Fund for wildfire relief

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Farm Aid is now activating its Family Farm Disaster Fund as ranchers in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas deal with the impact of the massive wildfires that destroyed more than 2 million acres of land, thousands of cattle, and took the lives of several ranchers who worked to protect their animals from the blaze.

Family farmers have stepped in to help with donations of hay and a tractor brigade, but the organization still needs long-term, sustained support to recover from the fires.

Donations to the disaster fund will go to support groups on the ground who can assess needs and provide direct assistance.

"For ranchers and their rural communities, these fires have been devastating," Farm Aid's Farm Advocate Jennie Msall said. "Many of them faced damaged homes, charred land, burnt fences, and dead or injured animals."

"The resulting loss of income has a ripple effect in their communities. The Family Farm Disaster fund is designed to support the on-the-ground relief efforts in communities, wherever and however they need it most."

If you are a farmer dealing with disaster or if you would like to donate to the Family Farm Disaster Fund, you can click here. Every dollar raised will support recovery funds that provide the resources family farmers and ranchers need to recover.

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