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Local mentoring group raise money to help send girls in the community to college


The people of Amarillo gives back to the community once again and this time it's to raise money for education and scholarship. 

Folks gathered downtown to mix, mingle and donate towards a new organization named GOTCHA. The group teaches girls truth, Christian values, honor among themselves and acceptance of others.

"All proceeds for our First Annual Spring Ball will benefit our scholarship program that we have for our girls in our GOTCHA program. We want to build self-esteem, promote education, and promote higher education because they need to know that there is more than high school," said GOTCHA Creator Tasha Sims. 

Angel Reese is one of the members and she said that being a part of an organization that cherish her mind and education is amazing.

"I love joining GOTCHA girls and being around so many role models help myself become a role model, and being an inspiration to the younger generation, and just becoming a better young woman," said Reese.

Reese said that her goal one day is to be a nurse, and as we all know going to school isn't cheap. Thanks to benefits like the Spring Scholarship Ball and GOTCHA, young women are feeling more hopeful that they can do anything.

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