Canyon ISD prepares for future with "Vision 2020"

Canyon ISD prepares for future with "Vision 2020"
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Darryl Flusche / Source: KFDA
Darryl Flusche / Source: KFDA

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Over the past couple of years, Canyon ISD has seen a steady growth which is why administrators want to make sure the school district is preparing for the future.

"Vision 2020" will consist of five action teams which will focus on different angles including staffing, growth, technology, community partnerships and student success.

"You know Vision 2020 is really going to set the direction of the school district in the future," Superintendent Darryl Flusche said. "The program is going to help us in our management of growth because the community will tell us what is it that they want not only in opportunities for our kids but also in working with growth and facilities."

One of topics most people are concerned with is the school's growth.

CISD welcomes the growth but with it come a few issues like over crowded schools.

The district is in the process of building a new intermediate school to accommodate students, but administrators are still faced with the challenge of finding more space.

Schools that Canyon is keeping an eye on include Hillside Elementary School and Randall High School.

Randall has about 1,686 students, and officials expect 1,750 students to be attending the school this upcoming fall.

"The max at Randall High is 1,820; however, we are already preparing with portables and have four rotating teachers," said CISD Chief Financial Officer, Heather Wilson. "We are really staying on top of the expected growth and we know we have to do something in the near future about it."

Another initiative the district is working on is a Manufacturing Academy.

The Academy will be for high school students, and it will prepare them with the skills to meet the needs of local industries such as Bell Helicopter and Pantex.

"When two huge employers in the Panhandle say we need manufacturing, we feel that is a void Canyon ISD must fill, so that is why we said what can we do get our students ready for your business," said Executive Director of Curriculum, Cameron Rosser.

Rosser said students who participate in the academy will have the opportunity do internships with Bell and Pantex.

Parents, community members, teachers and business representatives will make up the action teams for Vision 20-20.

"The school district belongs to the community and we want their input, we want them to be involved as we fashion the design of Canyon ISD for the future because its very important for us to be responsible to our community," Flusche expressed.

Flusche said over 100 people have already shown interest in Vision 2020.

Action teams will start their meetings Thursday, March 9, at 5:30 p.m.

It will be inside the Canyon ISD District Support Center located at 3301 N. 23rd.

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