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Farmers recovering from wildfire damage

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As more fires in the Panhandle are contained, people are beginning to assess the damage left behind.

Farmers were among the hardest hit losing equipment, livestock, resources and their homes.

One of the farmers affected was the Neusch family.

When a fire went through their property, the damage totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

"We figured it would take it all," said Linda Neusch. "From where we were watching, everyone told us we would not have a house to come back to."

Fortunately, the Neusch house was not destroyed.

Despite losing 300 bails of hay, large farm equipment, a pick up truck, barns and storage facilities, Linda's husband, Ronnie, considers himself lucky.

"The one thing we learned from this is that miracles do happen," said Ronnie. "The house is still standing only by the grace of God."

The Neusch family expressed their gratitude to their neighbors who were quick to help clean up debris and get the Neusch family back on their feet.

People helping the family said farming communities commonly lend a hand because, "you never know who is going to get hit."

"Today it was them, tomorrow it could be me," said Ronnie. 

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