How to donate to area first responders and victims

How to donate to area first responders and victims

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Several inquires have been made about where to donate goods to area firefighters. Below is a list of where to donate that we will keep updated throughout the day.

Common items donated:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • Gatorade
  • beef jerky
  • Socks, towels
  • Eye drops
  • Baby wipes


West Texas A&M Agriculture Department in Canyon is also accepting donations. They can be reached by phone at 806-651-2550.

Arena of Life Church has an organized a supply drive going for ranchers in need. They have hay, fencing supplies, and a whole list of people with other services (stalls for displaced horses, vet supplies/services, cowboy/work help, truckers to transport cattle, etc). They are connecting people to services, and services to people in need. They are also taking monetary donations to pay for fuel to truck hay to areas in need. They can be reached by phone at 806-622-8000 or visit

806 Autoworks at 7527 Canyon Dr. will also be collecting all of these items during regular business hours.


One supply point will be located at 202 W. Main St., Lipscomb - serving those in Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Hemphill and Roberts counties. The point of contact is J.R. Sprague - 806-862-4601 (Office), 806-202-5288 (cell) for anyone wanting to make donations of supplies or money, or ranchers who need supplies. - via Stacy Harvick, Texas A&M Forest Service


All About Burgers Etc. 3245 Fairlanes Blvd (next to DPS office). Any cash donations made will be used to purchase types of pictured below.


In Pampa, Mike Jeffcoat will be the point of contact at the site set up at 301 Bull Barn Drive, Clyde Carruth Expo Center, Pampa. This one will serve any ranchers from Gray, Wheeler or Roberts counties. Contact him at 806-669-8033 (office) and 580-467-0753 (cell). via Stacy Harvick, Texas A&M Forest Service.


In Clayton, NM, you can donate items at Bradly's Supply at 102 S. Front Street between 8-5.


Dalhart Fire Department will be accepting donations at 110 Denrock Ave. between 9 and 4.


The Guymon Police and Fire Departments will be accepting donations for firefighters in Beaver County. Guymon Fire Department 1 is located at 402 NE 24th St. The Guymon Police Department is located at 906 NW 5th St.

Hansford County

They are collecting supplies to be donated to those fighting the fires. You can drop off water, Gatorade, and ready to eat snack at city hall from 9-5.

Livestock/Lost animals

Texas Animal Health Commission said for producers with questions about lost or found animals, as well as disposal of carcasses, here is some additional information. If you find cattle or other livestock with official identification, document the number, location of the animal(s), and call the TAHC at 512-719-0733 or 806-354-9335 and TAHC will contact the owner. If you find stray cattle that have a brand, call the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) at 817-332-7064 for brand identification. If cattle have strayed onto your property, you must report them to the sheriff's office in the county you are located in within five days of discovery to be eligible for reasonable payment for maintenance of or damages caused by the estray livestock. For more information regarding Texas' estray laws visit: Texas Agriculture Code, Chapter 142.  - via Stacy Harvick

Donations for Those Who Lost Their Lives

Sydney Wallace and Cody Crockett Funeral Fund, click here.

Cade Koch burial expenses click here.

Sloan Everett's family asks that all donations and any assistance be made to the building fund of first Baptist Church in Breckenridge, Texas.

Services for First Responders

Amarillo College Massage Therapy students will be available on Saturday, March 11th from 9 to 5 offering free massages. They are located at 6222 SW 9th Ave, Building A, RM 210, Amarillo.  If you would like to schedule a 1 hour massage, you are asked to call and leave a message at (806-356-3696)

Leal's Mexican Restaurant is offering Firefighters a free meal at the Amarillo location from today until Friday.

If you would like to list your business as a donation point, please contact the newsroom by e-mail.

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