AgriLife collecting donations to aid livestock

AgriLife collecting donations to aid livestock
(Source: KFDA)
(Source: KFDA)

AgriLife is now preparing to collect supplies for the ranchers and farmers affected by the Gray and Lipscomb County fires.

As of now, AgriLife has plans to have two animal supply locations, one in Lipscomb and the other in Gray County.

These supply locations will help all producers and their cattle that are affected in the surrounding areas.

"What will happen, as soon as we get approval for those supply points, we will be requesting donations, we need all supplies and also monetary donations,"  said Danny Nusser, AgriLife Program Leader.

AgriLife is taking donations like medical supplies, feed and even fences.

"When you get a big wildfire that goes through like this, it takes out a lot of fences and sources from these cattle and the producers," Nusser said. " We are looking for any donation to help secure those cattle again."

If you are looking to help donate, contact either the Lipscomb or Gray County Extension offices.

Lipscomb's AgriLife Extension office number is 806-862-4601 and they are located at 1 Main St, Lipscomb, TX 79056.

Gray's AgriLife Extension office number is 806-669-8033 and they are located at 12125 E. Frederic Ave. Pampa, TX 79065.

They are also looking for volunteers to help transport all of the supplies.

If you come across any misplaced or injured animals, please call your local Sheriffs Office or the Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association at 817-332-7064

For carcass disposal, call the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality at 800-832-8224

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