Beaver Co. fire moves to Kansas in two days

Beaver Co. fire moves to Kansas in two days
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

BEAVER COUNTY, OK (KFDA) - UPDATE: Oklahoma officials say the Starbuck Fire that started in Beaver County is now 17% contained. This blaze burned through Beaver and Harper counties and well into the state of Kansas. There are more than 600,000 acres burned.

Any change in acreage, according to the Oklahoma Forestry Service, is because of more accurate mapping and not because of the spread of the fire. The Service says there is very little active flame in the footprints of the fires, only some smoldering.


It's day three of the Starbuck Fire with 715,000 acres charred, 185,000 of those acres in Beaver County, Oklahoma.

The blaze started in Beaver County on Monday, March 6th and has now moved north to Kansas. Officials say numerous structures and livestock have been lost.

The Starbuck Fire is just one of three burning in three Oklahoma counties referred to as the Northwest Oklahoma Complex Fire. In total they have burned more than 830,000 acres in the Oklahoma Panhandle. All together, the blaze is 10 percent contained as of Wednesday afternoon. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry says numerous communities remain threatened and there is no sign of containing the fire.

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Multiple local, federal and state resources will stay on scene throughout the night to slow the spread of this fire.

Wind speed was an issue as crews struggled to stay in front of the fire. Multiple air units deployed fire retardant and construction vehicles were used to remove fuel from the fire's path.

WATCH: The above footage was shot on Tuesday, March 6 above several Texas Panhandle Counties. 

Crews initially warned communities south of Gate about a possible evacuation, however due to changes in wind direction they are hopeful the fire will miss those people.

A  support system is being established for cattlemen who may have had property damaged or lost cattle.

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