Texas man is breaking athletic world records at 77

Texas man is breaking athletic world records at 77

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Folks like Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, and Serena Williams, are some of the names that comes to mind when you think of record breaking athletes.

Another athlete you can add to the list is 77-year-old Texan, Don Isett.

At the age of, 77, this athlete has taken the USA Track & Field pole vaulting game by storm, by breaking both national and world records in his age range.

"I got an American record and a world record in the outdoor and I think I got American record indoor in the 75-79. I wasn't winning when I was 66. I was still learning but when I turned 70 I start winning and I never lost a national title yet," he said.

The pole vaulting champ stopped by a gym in Amarillo this weekend to show off a few of his skills.

He said even though he's from Dallas, he never can forget traveling to Amarillo to train under Amarillo native Bill Henly.

"I use to sneak into the gym and use their pit and one day he caught me and he was getting ready to run me out, but we talked a little bit and he invited me to join his squad. In one of the practice sessions he said I'm putting on a program out in Amarillo. Me and Jim Landlin, maybe you would like to go to it," said Isett.

Isett said it can be hard finding something you're passionate about, but when it happens, you should try to do it as long as possible.

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