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Recent burglary has Balderas father concerned

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A recent burglary at the Balderas home, where four children died, is raising concerns and many questions by the family's father.

It's been two months since the tragic accident, and no one has been allowed inside the Balderas' home.

But on Wednesday, March 2, Mr. Balderas discovered his home had been broken into and his family had been robbed. 

"It hurts me because I've been trying to go inside and take out important objects for me and my family and I can't," Pedro Balderas said. "The police officers tell me I can't and won't let me go inside but others can break in and steal from us, and I don't know why."

Balderas believed the Amarillo Police Department was going to have an officer constantly surveilling his property, but that was not the case.

Officer Jeb Hilton said officers stopped surveillance on the home at the end of January. At that time, they informed Balderas the house would no longer be under surveillance. 

"I just want my childrens pictures back," Balderas expressed. "Their pictures are now our memories and my other children wish to have their belongings if there even still here." 

After finding out about the burglary, Balderas has been fixing the areas that the thieves damaged during the break in. 

He's been working on securing the back door and putting his fence back up.

He's even been driving out to his property every night to make sure no one else is getting in and plans on protecting what is left of his family's belongings.

"We keep on going little by little and hold on to the memories of our children," Balderas said. "We're all healing from the inside but our sorrow will never be healed all the way, but we keep going on for our children."

The Balderas family is still staying at the Saint Francis Convent and is in the process of moving into one of their friends rental properties where they will stay until their new home is built.

Their new home will be located next to the home where the children grew up.

Balderas plans on placing four bench's and a memorial on his former lot to honor his children. 

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