Borger Fire Department finished with updates and expansion on station

Borger Fire Department finished with updates and expansion on station

BORGER, TX (KFDA) - Much-needed improvements are now in place for the city of Borger's Fire Department.

As with any job, certain tools are needed to get it done successfully. And for the past few years the Borger Fire Department has put some necessities aside. But that has now changed.

A few years and a little over $2 million later, the Borger Fire Department's expansion and renovations are complete, and the public was allowed to tour the newly improved station today.

Time began taking its toll with a leaking roof, sleeping quarters were outdated and the engines just barely cleared the doors.

"Creature comforts for the firefighters themselves were really minimal, really cramped, really small, old, run down, dirty. The windows all leaked and that wasn't energy efficient at all, so that's kind of what led to where we are," says Fire Chief Bob Watson.

"People live here on their jobs 24 hours a shift and so it gets a lot of use, but it needs to be a place where they can enjoy being here instead of dreading coming to work," says Mayor Robert Vinyard. "We hope that they're enjoying their new facilities because like I said it's got a new kitchen, new restrooms, new showers, new everything."

Both Watson and Vinyard agree this new facility will be a great way to recruit potential employees, and go back to teaching classes like CPR now that they can house more people. And with Borger leading the way in fire training and equipment, they say it was about time for the changes.

"The younger generation, they like the technology, so with our learning system, our classroom, the security of the building, the security system that we have installed, the camera system, I think it'll make it a lot more attractive for some of the younger firefighters to come and work here," says Watson.

"The city council has always been interested in making sure that our firefighters and our policemen have whatever they need to do their jobs properly and safely," says Vinyard. "It takes care of our guys and it also helps them be more efficient and proficient at what they do."

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